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Dr. Oz Talks About Protein Deficiency – Are You Getting Enough?

Dr. Oz said that viewers often ask him about what kind of protein that they should be eating.  He said that protein is vital to optimal health and if you eat the correct amounts of protein it will help you to lose weight and give your skin and nails a healthy appearance.  However, you can consume too much protein which will put a heavy strain on vital organs.  They key is to find the right balance, so today Dr. Oz talked about how much protein you should be getting and some of the best sources to get your protein.  He also talks about how supplementing your diet with Whey Protein Powder can increase your energy, suppress your appetite, and build muscle.

Protein Deficiency Symptoms

Are you not sure if you are getting enough protein in your diet?  Here are some common symptoms of people who have a protein deficiency :

  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Slow metabolism
  • Muscle loss
  • Weight gain

Dr. Oz Protein Eating Guidelines

Dr. Oz said that new protein studies are suggesting that you should get 25 grams of protein at each meal for a total of 75 grams a day.  This will help you to build muscle and avoid any of the protein deficiencies that are noted above.  Dr. Oz said that your 75 grams of protein should be spread out over 3 meals rather than consuming most if not all of your protein intake at one meal.Protein Sources That May Surprise YouYou can get protein from many more sources than just meat and eggs.  Here are some surprising sources of protein that you can add to your diet to meet Dr. Oz’s 75 grams of protein daily intake recommendations.

    • Bison 20 grams of protein for just a 3 oz serving.  Bison also has less fat than ground beef!
    • Baked potato – 5 grams in a potato
    • Cottage cheese – 28 grams of protein in just one cup!
    • Quinoa – 4 grams per 1/2 cup

Protein bars – Dr. Oz said to make sure that the main ingredient is protein.  Also be sure to read the labels to make sure the protein bars don’t contain any trans fats, without any added sugars, and are made from natural ingredients.

Whey Protein Benefits

You may have heart of weight lifters who supplement their diets with Whey Protein.  Dr. Oz said that anyone can receive benefits from whey protein.  In fact, Dr. Oz said that his wife Lisa is a big Whey Protein Powder advocate. Here are some benefits that whey protein powder can give you :

    • Energy
    • Suppresses appetite
    • Fast & long acting
    • Stabilizes blood sugar

Guidelines For Buying Whey Protein Powder

    • Eat for breakfast within 30 minutes upon waking
    • Choose organic whey protein powder if possible
    • 1 scoop is equivalent to approximately 25 grams of protein
    • Add to smoothies, juice, or water

Aspirin Remedies

Dr. Oz closed today’s episode with some handy aspirin benefits to help you enjoy the warm weather all summer long!

Aspirin bug bite remedy – Drop an aspirin into a small amount of water and let it dissolve.  Rub the solution on a bug bite to ease the itching and reduce inflammation.

Aspirin remedy to restore your hair color – Chlorinated pools can sometimes turn your hair a greenish color.  You can help restore your natural color buy dissolving six to eight aspirin in a glass of water and rubbing the solution into your hair for 15 minutes.natural color.

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