Dr Oz, White Mulberry Blocks Sugar, Where To Buy Dried Mulberry & Tea

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White Mulberries Can Help To Block Sugar Absorption & Where You Can Buy Dried Mulberries and Leaves

The latest superfood that has struck the attention of Dr. Oz is a fruit called “White Mulberry.”  White Mulberry has many benefits because of it’s high antioxidant content and it’s ability to lower the absorption of sugar in your body.  White Mulberry may help to lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even help you to lose weight.  Dr. Oz also talks about dried mulberries and where you can buy the tea.  Here are the topics that were discussed during this segment of today’s show.

What Do White Mulberries Taste Like

Dr. Oz spoke with a guest on the show, named Leslie about White Mulberries and she that she thought that they tasted like nutty raisins.  Dr. Oz likened the taste to a fig.  He said that they are good for the heart because they are so high in antioxidants.

Health Benefits of White Mulberry Leaves

So, why is Dr. Oz so excited about this new super fruit?  Dr. Oz said it is because of it’s ability to block sugar in your body.  He helped explain the effects of sugar by describing the process that takes place when you eat a candy bar.  He said that after you eat a candy bar the liver will absorb the sugar.  Much of this will turn to fat around the midsection (belly), thighs, and hips.  This also causes the pancreas to make extra insulin to compensate.  When your pancreas isn’t able to keep up, your risk of diabetes increases. Mulberry can help to block much of this sugar from entering your bloodstream and thus can lower your risk for diabetes!

Mulberries Are High In Fiber and Protein

Instead of eating sweet fruits that are high in sugar (like raisins, cranberries, dates) consider eating some mulberries instead.  Dr. Oz mentioned that dried mulberries are high in protein (about 4 grams) and are low in sugar (only 18 grams per serving).  They also contain about 1/4 of the daily amount of fiber that your body needs.

Where Can You buy Dried Mulberries and/or Tea?

Dr. Oz said that you can buy dried mulberries and mulberry tea in many health food stores.  The great news is that they are quite inexpensive (only 5 or 6 dollars)…  Dr. Oz recommended drinking mulberry tea with meals that are high in sugar.
If you have a sweet tooth, this super fruit may be the “magic bullet” for you!

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