Dr Oz, Womens Facial Razor, Threading Chin Hair Removal, Foam Roller

Dr. Oz Talks About Back Pain and Hair Removal Remedies

One of the biggest complaints that women have is unwanted hair.  Dr. Oz said that as you get older hair may start to appear in places where hair is not mean to be, especially for a woman!  During this segment Dr. Oz shared a couple of remedies to aid in hair remove in places like the upper lip and chin.  He talks about a special type of facial razor that is designed just for a woman who has unwanted hair on the upper chin.  He also talks about “threading” and why it’s a way to remove hair on the chin.

Facial Razors For Women

Dr. Oz said it is quite common for women to grow hair on their upper lip.  Of course, this is not a desirable feature for most women.  Many women pluck their hair on their upper lip, but there is another way that is even better!  For only around 2 dollars you can use a Facial Razor that is made to handle these types of “hairy” situations for women.

Threading Technique For Chin Hair Removal

Chin hair is a problem for many women and threading is a way to remove this unwanted hair that will gently pluck the hair from the roots so the hairs stay away for longer with no stubble!

Foam Roller For Back Pain

Back pain is an affliction that can be downright debilitating.  Your life can quickly become unmanageable if your back pain is sever enough.  Dr. Oz said that the cause of back pain usually because of a problem with your Fascia.  This oven goes misdiagnosed from your doctor.  You may feel like your pain is deeply entrenched in your bones and muscle, but often is even deeper in the FAscia.  The Fascia holds everything together in the body.  Often it will tighten up when you are under stress, using bad posture or not getting enough exercise.  Here are the remedies that Dr. Oz gave on the show for back pain :

  • 15 minute Epsom Salt baths taken a couple of times a week will help your muscles to relax around your fascia and your pain will be reduced.
  • Try using a restorative foam roller. You simply place the foam roller under your neck and back and roll.  You will feel areas that are more tender.  Roll over those areas to loosen up your muscles and your pain should be reduced.

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