Dr. Oz, Women’s Libido Boosting Pill, Martha Stewart Interview & Tips

 Dr. Oz Interviews Martha Stewart, Anti Aging Tips, and a Women’s Libido Boosting Pill

Dr. Oz will be inviting Martha Stewart on to his May 23, 2013 show for a no holds barred interview to talk about everything from her high profile life, to her divorce, the dating scene, her favorite anti aging tips and a wide array of other topics.  Restrictions are rules will be thrown by the wayside as Dr. Oz asks Martha about all the questions that you are curious about.

Martha Stewart & Online Dating

As you may have already heard, Martha Stewart has admittedly signed up to an Online dating service to find that perfect match for her.  Dr. Oz will be asking Martha about her relationships and if she has had any success in the Online dating world.  Has Martha found a good match yet? Has she found the love that she’s seeking? What kind of a relationship is Martha looking for?  Dr. Oz will be asking about all of these juicy topics in this one of a kind candid interview.

Martha Stewart’s Anti-Aging Tips

Anti-aging segments are always a popular topic on Dr. Oz.  Most of us would like to preserve our youth or even take years off your your appearance.  Martha will be sharing all of her favorite anti-aging tips to keep you looking at your best!

Women’s Libido Pill

You can’t turn on the television without seeing a men’s sexual performance boosting pill for E.D., but what about the women?  As women get older, their libido often wains.  Dr. Oz will be talking about a breakthrough in science that may hold the answers to getting women “in the mood” and bringing back the passion in the bedroom.  If your sex life hasn’t been what it used to be, make sure to set your DVR’s for the May 23, 2013 episode to find out about this libido boosting pill made just for women and find out if it may be right for you.

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