Dr Oz, Women’s Testosterone Boost, Oysters, Endive Increase Testosterone

Dr. Oz Talks About Low Testosterone Levels in Women – How To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

Do you sometimes get angry out of the blue, or over things that really shouldn’t upset you that much?  Today Dr. Oz did a segment talking about testosterone in women and how this hormone can play a role in a woman’s emotional state.  Also be sure to checkout the accompanying segment when Dr. Oz talks about Natural Sleep Cures For Insomnia.

What Type of Anger Do You Have?

Dr. Oz spoke about different types of anger associated with low testosterone levels.  Some women bottle up their anger.  Others will let their anger simmer and stew before eventually “blowing up”.  Dr. Oz said that having anger issues for extended periods of time can lead to health issues like constipation, headaches, and even heart disease.  Fortunately, there are easy remedies that you can do to give yourself a testosterone boost naturally.

Increase Your Testosterone By Doing The “Wonder Woman” Pose

If you feel that you have anger issues it may have more to do with your testosterone levels than just being “short tempered.”  Dr. Oz said that low testosterone hormone levels could be the culprit to your anger issues and mood that sometimes seems to spiral out of control.  He said that testosterone deficiency is not just a hormonal issue for men.  IN women it can cause belly fat, exhaustion, moodiness, stress and anxiety.  Dr. Oz said that a natural way to boost your testosterone levels is to increase your zinc intake.  Here are some food remedies to help give yourself a boost :

  • Oysters – Oysters can be eaten raw or cooked.  Just three oysters contain a daily dosage of zinc.
  • Lean ground beef
  • Endive

Standing In The “Wonder Woman Pose” Increases Your Testosterone By 20%

You can trick your body into releasing more testosterone naturally!  The “Wonder Woman Pose” is an easy way to boost your testosterone by 20 percent.  Simply stand with your legs apart (at shoulder width) with your hands on your hips with your shoulders pulled back.  This puts your body into a “power” position and triggers your body to release more testosterone.Benefits of Eating ApplesEating an apple a day keeps the doctor away?  This infamous quote may be more true than people realize.  Here are some benefits of eating apples that you may not be aware of :

  • Apples lower your cholesterol
  • Helps with weight control
  • Causes your body to produce more saliva which helps to prevent cavities

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