Dr Oz, Yacon Syrup Weight Loss, 7 Calorie Natural Sweetener, Dosage

Dr Oz 28 Day Yacon Syrup Weight Loss Test, Dosage & Health Benefits

Every time you turn your head there seems to be a new diet plan or exercise regime that promises to help you lose unrealistic amounts of weight with little effort.  Is all that hype too good to be true?  Unfortunately, this is usually the case.  However, on today’s (November 4th) episode Dr. Oz spoke about a natural food that may be able to back up its’ weight loss claims.  In fact, it is neither a supplement or exercise program.  It is a natural sweetener called Yacon Syrup that has only 7 calories per teaspoon.  Dr. Oz called Yacon Syrup a “Metabolism Game Changer” and can help you to truly lose weight while giving you added health benefits at the same time!  Also be sure to check out the follow up segment with Dr. Oz did the 28 Day Yacon Syrup Weight Loss Test to see how much weight (and inches) that they lost.

The Health Benefits of Yacon Syrup

Yacon is regularly used in South Amercia where it is turned into syrup that they use as a natural sweetener.  The recent data from new studies on Yacon Syrup are showing that this “molasses” type of natural sweetener (with a low glycemic index) offers legitimate hope for men and women wanting to lose weight.  Dr. Oz spoke with several women who tried Yacon for 28 days to see what they thought about it’s use as a weight loss aid as well as nutritional benefits that they received from it.

Contains Only 7 Calories Per Teaspoon

Not only is Yacon syrup extremely low in calories, it also helps to keep your blood sugar stabilized.  Dr. Oz asked the women who tried Yacon for 28 days and some of the women loved the taste of the syrup, while others didn’t like it nearly as much.  Some of the health benefits include :

  • There are only 7 calories per teaspoon
  • The natural sweetener is an excellent alternative to sugar in recipes
  • High fiber content

Can Yacon Syrup Help You?

Dr. Oz said the research is mounting that suggests that “bad” bacteria in your belly is a huge contributor to weight gain.  Yacon syrup helps to put the good bacteria back in your digestional ecosystem to help promote weight loss.  Dr. Oz said that it will also boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite.  Dr. Oz said that Yacon syrup would greatly benefit men and women who are :

  • People who are overweight
  • Good for people who suffer from constipation
  • People who are looking to add more fiber into their diet
  • Good for people who have high blood sugar levels

Dr. Oz said that Yacon shouldn’t be taken by those who frequently suffer from diarrhea

Yacon Syrup Dosage Recommendation

Dr. Oz recommended that people take one teaspoon of yacon syrup before each meal.  He also said that when you are buying yacon syrup you should make sure that it is 100 percent pure yacon.  Dr. Oz also said that he doesn’t not endorse this (or any other) product so if you see his name on the product to steer clear, because it is NOT him endorsing it!

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