Dr Oz, Yacon Syrup Weight Loss Results, Sugar Substitute / Replacement

Dr. Oz Weight Loss Result from Yacon Syrup, Sugar Substitute,

Today Dr. Oz spoke about the Natural weight loss sugar substitute that could be the “game changer” that you have been searching for.  If you are tired of false promises and questionable dieting practices, today’s Dr. Oz show was for you!  Dr. Oz talked about Yacon Syrup and why this all natural sweetener has immense benefits, like it’s ability to balance your blood sugar, supply your digestive tract with good bacteria, and help you lose weight.  There is only 7 calories per teaspoon of Yacon and it can be used as a sugar substitute and added to any recipe that calls for sugar in it’s ingredients!  Imaging enjoying some of those foods that have been off your diet list for such a long time because of it’s high sugar content!

Yacon Syrup Weight Loss Experiment Results

Dr. Oz was very intrigued about the latest studies about Yacon Syrup and how it appears that you can lose significant amounts of weight while adding fiber to your diet and balancing your sugar levels.  So, Dr. Oz did his own “research test” and asked 60 women to take 1 tsp of Yacon Syrup before breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 28 days.  While taking the Yacon for 4 weeks Dr. Oz instructed all of the women to not change a thing in their diet.  He also told them to not add any additional exercise to their regular routine.  Here are the weight loss results and what some of the women thought about the experiment ::

28 Day Weight Loss Results

  • 73% of the women reported weight loss
  • They reported more frequent bowel movements
  • The majority said that adding Yacon to their diet was easy and was not intrusive at all
  • 40 of the 60 women completed the research test
  • Average inches lost – 1.9
  • Average lbs lost – 2.9
  • 68 percent of the women who participated in the study said that they would recommend others to try Yacon syrup

What Do Other Medical Professionals Think About Yacon Syrup?

Dr. Oz was very excited about the experimental research test he performed with the 60 women.  He also wanted to hear some input from other medical professionals.  Here is what they had to say :

Dr. Garth Davis (Obesity Specialist) – The studies that have came out do look promising, but he does have some reservations because he feels more research needs to be done.  He also doesn’t want people to think that Yacon is some sort of a “Magic Pill”.  He feels that adding more fruits and veggies to your diet would offer results that are just as beneficial.

Dr. Michael Roizen – Dr. Roizen said “Based on available data, yes it is worth trying”.  He also recommended that people avoid the 5 food felons and to manage your stress.

Dr. Lou Arrone – Dr. Arrone feels that the study that was performed was small and people shouldn’t think that Yacon Syrup is the next “big thing” to help them lose weight.

Dr. Neal Barnard – “Yacon syrup may well help you lose weight and it appears to be safe and easy to use.”

What Does Dr. Oz Think?

Dr. Oz loves the fact that Yacon Syrup is a natural food that you can consume in your diet. He feels that this is a much better option than taking a supplement.  He feels that it’s worth a try as a sugar replacement in your diet.

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