Dr Oz, Yeast Overgrowth Treatment in 3 Steps With Food & Diet

Dr. Oz Talks About How To Treat Yeast Overgrowth In 3 Steps With Food & Diet

Dr. Oz spent the first half of today’s show talking about fatigue and how (and why) yeast overgrowth causes exhaustion.  To help him with this topic Dr. Oz invited Dr. Elizabeth Boham on to the program to talk about how you yeast overgrowth causes inflammation in the body and the most common reasons why people get yeast overgrowth in the first place (antibiotics and poor diet).  During this portion of today’s episode Dr. Oz and Dr. Boham talk about how a yeast overgrowth treatment plan that can help you get your energy back in only 3 steps!

3 Step Yeast Overgrowth Treatment Plan

If exhaustion has been getting you down and you can’t understand why, it may be because you have excessive yeast in your body.  Dr. Boham explained that if you reduce the amount of yeast in your stomach you can get your energy back and improve your overall digestive system.  Here is the 3 step treatment plan for yeast overgrowth.

Step #1

    • For 2 weeks you should cut out the high sugar foods that encourage yeast growth such as cookies, soda, alcohol, etc…
    • For 2 weeks reduce your intake of refined carbs like pasta, cereals, and white breads.
    • Introduce foods into your diet that contain good bacteria like Sauerkraut and Kimchi

Increase high fiber foods in your diet.  Eat foods like asparagus, broccoli, tomatoes, kale, nuts, and seeds.  Also eat high fiber grains like quinoa and brown rice.

Step #2 – Start taking a probiotic supplement.  Dr. Elizabeth Boham explained to Dr. Oz’s audience that yogurt is one way to add a probiotic to your diet, but if you already have yeast overgrowth you may need some added help.  A probiotic supplement will balance the good bacteria in your body and return your digestive system back to a healthy state (before you had yeast overgrowth!).  She said to read the labels of the probiotic supplements and find one that has more than 25 billion “Bifido/Lacto” cultures.

Step #3

The third step of the yeast overgrowth treatment plan calls for you to add anti-fungal foods to your diet :

    • Eat one to two garlic cloves (raw) per day
    • Take 1-3 milliliters of Thyme Oil tincture 3 times a day (If you have athletes food you can add the thyme oil directly to the infection)

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