Dr Oz, Yellow Fingernails Diabetes Sign, Red Tongue, Bruising

Body Signs : Yellow Fingernails, Red Tongue, and Frequent Bruising

Could your body be revealing external symptoms about a medical condition that you have without you even knowing about it?  Today Dr. Oz talks about 3 color changes on your body that could be a clue about diseases such as diabetes or anemia.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about symptoms such as yellow fingernails, a bright red tongue, frequent bruising, and what they could mean. Also be sure to check out the accompanying segment and see what body language clues may be saying about your mental and physical health.

Could Yellow Fingernails Be A Sign Of Diabetes?

Ideally your fingernails should have a pinkish color to them.  If you notice that your fingernail color starts to change to a yellowish color it could be a sign that you have high blood sugar.  Dr. Oz said that if you notice a sudden change in your fingernail color you should go to your doctor to have your blood sugar level check because high blood sugar can lead to diabetes.

Bright Red Tongue Could Be A Sign Of Anemia

Dr. Oz said that your tongue should be pink in color. However, if your tongue is bright red it could mean that you have a vitamin B12 deficiency and you could possibly be anemic.

Unexplained Bruising

Dr. Oz said that when you get a bruise from natural causes it will look purple and then slowly change to a greenish color and then yellow as it is healing.  If you have unexplained bruises then it could be sign that you have a blood clotting problem.  Dr. Oz said that you can go to a doctor to have a test done to find out what is causing the unexplained bruising.

What Do Doctor Abbreviations Mean?

At the end of the segment Dr. Oz talked about some commonly used abbreviations that doctors use.  Some commonly used abbreviations are LOL (this does not mean laughing out loud!), D.I.N.K., H.O.N.D.A, and W.N.L.  Here is what each abbreviation means :

L.O.L. – Little Old Lady

H.O.N.D.A. – Hypertension Obese Noncompliant Diabetic Adult

D.I.N.K. – Did Not Keep Appointment

W.N.L. – Within Normal Limits

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