Dr Oz, Zero Calorie Foods, Gain or Lose Weight?, Leah Remini

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Do you love to eat foods or beverages that contain ZERO calories.. They sound too good to be true. We are sorry to say that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Today Dr. Oz spoke about how zero calorie foods may not be helping you to lose weight at all. In fact, zero calorie foods may be causing you to gain weight!

Why Do People Love Zero Calorie Foods?

Dr. Oz said that zero calorie foods sound like the dieters DREAM! They allow you to curb your cravings and satisfy your sweet tooth without consuming any calories. This should be a good thing right? Well, Dr. Oz asked the question, “What is the truth about zero calorie foods? Are they living up to their promise?” It turns out that they me causing more harm than good.

Dr. Oz asked correspondent Jenna Wolfe to investigate zero calorie foods and what you aren’t being told.  Jenna said that it used to be that diet soft drinks were about the only zero calorie foods (or beverages in this case) that you would find at the market.  Now the options are endless.  Jenna asked these questions to women who were struggling about their weight and why they consume zero calorie foods.  Some of the answers she received were :

  • I always struggled with my weight, so my mom would make me zero calorie jello.. Now, she eats zero calorie foods as a way to keep the weight off.
  • One lady said that she eats zero calorie foods because she can eat foods that she loves without feeling guilty.
  • One woman said that by eating zero calorie foods she can eat as much as she wants.

What Kinds of Ingredients Are In Zero Calorie Foods?

Jenna Wolfe took a bag of zero calorie foods that she took out of a woman’s kitchen.  She took them to the Culinary Institute of America to find out what is actually in these types of foods.

Jenna said that you can’t cheat the system.  You need to eat more and eat less.  To try and cheat the system, your only cheating yourself.  However, there are 1000’s of different diets out there that are pulling us away from that way of thinking.

Dr. Oz asked the viewers how many people at home have zero calorie foods in their house.  Amazingly, 74% of households do!

What Is In Zero Calorie Foods?

Dr. Oz asked a food scientist from the Culinary Institute of America what is in foods that don’t contain any calories.  The scientist said to make a zero calorie food you need to come up with texture.  So they put in ingredients like Xanthan Gum or Cellulose Fiber.  This part of the food isn’t so bad.  It gives the food body and substance.  The problem is the ingredients that they put into zero calorie foods to give them their taste.  They put in ingredients like aspartame and sucralose.  These ingredients have been created to give us the perception of sweetness without any of the caloric damage.

Dr. Oz asked the questions, how do we go from these compounds into making them into foods that we love that don’t contain calories?

There is very little nutritional value in zero calorie foods.  They have been heated and stripped away of any nutrients that they may have originally contained.  You may be thinking that your doing your body good but your not giving your body any of the nutrition that it needs to be healthy.  Artificial sweeteners also can actually cause you to eat more.  They stimulate the brain (like a drug) and you will be craving more sweet foods.  This can cause you to eat more and the end effect is that you end up gaining weight or eating foods that don’t have any nutritional value.

Leah Remini was also featured on the September 6th episode.  Leah Remini talks with Dr. Oz about how she lost 80 lbs.