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Dr. Oz Talks About The New FDA Guidelines For Sleeping Pills

Today Dr. Oz talks about a scary new research study that has linked sleeping pills to increased risks for cancer and depression.  With nearly 1/4 of the country routinely taking sleeping pills to help them sleep at night today’s show was definitely an eye opener.  During this segment of the show Dr. Oz talked to members from the audience to share some of their experiences with sleeping pills and unpleasant side effects associated with sleeping aids.

Audience Members Talk About Sleeping Pill Side Effects

Dr. Oz, sleeping pill guidelines, zolpidem

New FDA Sleeping Pill Guidelines on Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz asked one woman out of the audience to share one of her experiences.  She said that she woke up and her hands were burnt!  She had absolutely no recollection of how her hands were burnt.  Apparently she had got of in the middle of the night (she has no memory of this) and she cooked some pasta.  This is how she burnt her hands!

Dr. Oz handed the microphone to another member out of the audience.  She said that she woke up the next day with empty bowls of ice cream in her bedroom.  Once again, this woman had no memory of getting up and walking throughout her home and making ice cream during the course of the night. Stories like this aren’t too far from out of the ordinary from countless others all around the country.  Dr. Oz says that stories like this alarm him and believes that Dr.’s are writing scripts for sleeping pills much more often that what they should.

Dr. Breus agreed with Dr. Oz that doctors prescribe this type of medication more than they should but he also added that patients need to take personal responsibility for the medications that they are taking.  He recommends that everyone should be doing their own research on the medications that they are taking.

Sleeping Pills Not The Answer For The Long Term

Dr. Breus believes that sleeping meds do serve a purpose for certain individuals, but they should not be a long term solution for those suffering from sleeping problems.  He said that the maximum anyone should take sleeping medications is 3 months (and not more than 4 weeks without professional supervision).  Dr. Oz agreed wholeheartedly with this and said that sleeping pills should only be taken as a short term fix as an aid for traumatic situations such as a death to a loved one.

Zolpidem Dosage Levels Under The New FDA Sleeping Pill Guidelines

The FDA has taken notice of the serious side effects associated with sleeping pills.  Dosage guidelines for drugs like Zolpidem (which is in Ambiem and other brands) has been cut in half!  For instance the old recommendation dosage for Zolpidem “Regular” sleeping pills went from 10 MG to 5 MG.  The extended release Zolpidem dosage went from 12.5 MG to 6.25 MG.  Do not just cut the 12.5 MG in half.  This will ruin the extended release benefit of the medication.

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