Dr Oz,Deepak Chopra Biostat Mantra To Reverse Memory Loss

Dr Oz Invites Deepak Chopra On To The Show To Show You How To Reverse Memory Loss

Today, Dr. Oz brought on Deepak Chopra to share his wisdom about preventing and reversing memory loss and reducing your risk for Alzheimers Disease.  They talk about brain boosting foods, attaching emotions to a memory, and how you can utilize the Biostat Mantra to help reverse memory loss.  Dr. Chopra talks about how meditation can be one of the best tools in your arsenal to keep your brain function at peak levels so that memory loss will never be a problem for you.

Deepak Chopra Says Meditation Can Keep Your Brain Healthy

Dr. Oz asked Deepak Chopra about how meditation can be an important tool in keeping your brain healthy. Dr. Chopra said that meditation is the #1 way to keep your brain functioning at optimal levels.  He says that you can practice meditation for only a few minutes a day to see healthy benefits.

How To Meditate Using The Biostat Mantra Method

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Deepak Chopra Biostat Mantra Mediation on Dr. Oz

  • Sit straight up
  • Close your eyes and become  aware about your breath
  • Mentally visualize an age that you would like to be.  Focusing on the age that you would like to be is known as your biostat.  Your biostat become a mental set point for your actual “biological” age.
  • Perform the biostat mantra chant : “Every day in every way, I’m improving my physical and mental capacity.  My biostat is (the age that you would like to be).  I look and feel a healthy (insert your biostat age).”
  • Mentally repeat the above steps 5 times.  Dr. Deepak Chopra said that the biostat mantra will help you to improve, prevent, and reverse memory loss.. It also may help to ward off Alzheimer’s Disease.

Deepak Chopra explained to Dr. Oz that meditation that everything starts with a thought.  Thoughts are a powerful force and has a force upon our brain chemistry.  The biostat mantra helps to put positive thoughts into our brain and can have a positive impact on our health and wellness.