Fat Burner Works on Dr Oz, Green Coffee Bean Extract To Lose Weight

Green Coffee Bean Extract – The fat Burner that Really Works on The Dr Oz Show

Today’s (December 27, 2012) Dr Oz Show was about Green Coffee Bean extract and  how studies have shown that this may be the supplement that is successful as a fat burner and may help you to lose weight.  Dr. Oz has talked about Green Coffee Bean during a past episode and he actually called it a “miracle weight loss remedy”.  Well, since then he has received quite a bit of heat for making such a claim.  So on today’s episode (December 27, 2012) Dr. Oz revealed their own study.  You just may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Why Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Help You To lose Weight

Green coffee extract is a supplement that is made from the green coffee bean.  When coffee beans are roasted they lose the main fat burning ingredient that when it is still in the green plant form. Black tea is made from processing green tea leaves just like black coffee is made fro roasting green coffee beans.  This roasting process changes it’s chemical makeup.  Green coffee bean contains very little caffeine and is full of antioxidants just like green tea is.  It contains polyphenols which help protect you from free radicals inside your body.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Study

Green Coffee Beans Extract, Green Coffee Bean Supplements

Green Coffee Bean Extract – The Fat Burner That Really Works?

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Caroline Apovian and Dr. Kristen Kirkpatrick on to the show to talk more about how green coffee bean works and the study they performed.  Dr. Apovian said that people with a body mass index between 25-49 would be good candidates for green coffee extract.  For their study they excluded people that had diabetes or had heart issues.  They also excluded women who were pregnant.  Have of the participants in the study received Green Coffee Extract and the other half of the participants received a placebo.

Dr. Kirkpatrick, a wellness expert told Dr. Oz that the participants were required to keep a food log. Both groups ate the same diet during the course of the study that they would normally eat. Nothing was changed in this regard.

So how did the experiment go?

Dr. Oz said that the participants who took green coffee bean extract supplements lost two pounds each on average. This was over two weeks so the average weight loss was a pound per week.  Dr. Oz said that losing a pound a week is a safe way in which to lose weight.  The audience members who took a placebo did lose some weight overall but much less than those who took the extract.

Have you tried Green Coffee Bean Extract before?  If so, please leave your experiences below.. Did you lose weight?  Let us know what your opinions are on these supplements?  Do you recommend them as a fat burner?