Healthy Southern Recipes on Dr Oz, Weight Loss By Body Type

Healthy Southern Recipes and Weight Loss Tricks For Your Body Type on Dr Oz’s February 8 2013 Episode

Dr Oz, southern recipes, weight loss tips by body type

Dr Oz Talks About Weight Loss Tips and Healthy Southern Recipes

Dr. Oz has spent this past week finding solutions to help you lose weight easier.  He has talked about metabolism boosters, HCG shots for weight loss, how to flatten your belly, and ways to burn fat.  On February 8, 2013 Dr. Oz is going to talk about weight loss tips for different body types.  There isn’t one cure all weight loss tip that is effective for all body types. Each body type loses weight differently and Dr. Oz has the solution for whichever body type that you are!  He will also be sharing the stage with delicious yet healthy southern recipes.

Dr. Oz is going to be talking to different women who all have different body types.  They will be talking about their struggles to lose weight and their problem areas where they store fat.   Fortunately Dr. Oz has solutions for each woman and each body type.  Whether you are pear shaped or apple shaped, Dr. Oz has the weight loss tricks that will work for you and help you finally lose the weight and get past the hurdles that are keeping you from your weight loss goals.

Healthy Southern Fried Recipes

Southern fried recipes sure can make your mouth water but they sure can pack on the pounds as well!  Many southern meals are also fried in unhealthy oils and are high in fat.  If you love southern fried cooking but don’t like the health ramifications make sure that you tune in to Dr. Oz’s February 8, 2013 episode so you can learn how to make southern cuisine the healthy way!  They will be sharing 5 ingredient swaps that will greatly reduce the fat content and literally cut the calories in half without losing the delicious flavor.  Set your DVR’s to record this show if you love southern cuisine!  If you won’t be able to tune in to this episode you can Like “Fans of Dr Oz” for show recaps, summaries, and recipes that appeared on the show.  Check out Bobby Deen’s Healthy Chicken Pot Pie recipe that appeared on today’s Dr. Oz.