Kirstie Alley Sleep & Diet Supplements, Nightingale, Rescue Me

Kirstie Alley Shares Her Diet and Sleep Aid Supplements on Dr. Oz

On September 6, 2013 Dr. Oz invited the actress Kirstie Alley on to the show to discuss her triumphs and defeats when it comes to weight loss.  She has lost weight several times, only to eventually regain the weight.  However, Kirstie Alley has been successful as of late keeping the weight off.  In the accompanying segment, Kirstie Alley shares her recipes that she enjoys regularly to help keep the weight off while still feeling satisfied.  During this segment of the show Kirstie shares her personal line of of products (Rescue Me, Relieve Me, and Release Me) to help those who have struggles sleeping and losing weight.

Yo-Yo Dieting Is Bad For Your Heart

Kirstie Alley has gained and lost weight many times throughout her life. While always having good intentions, yo-yo dieting can be harmful to your health.  Dr. Oz brought Kirstie Alley to the center stage to demonstrate on a real human heart what is going on when you gain weight.  He said that putting on weight damages the arteries and can cause an enlarged heart.  The good news is that you can reverse the damages through a healthy diet and long term lifestyle changes.

Kirstie Alley Supplements

Kirstie Alley shared her own product line of supplements that she personally tailored to many of the problems that she has faced throughout her life. She shared supplements to boost your energy, reduce food cravings, and help you to overcome sleeping problems.Rescue MeKirstie Alley used to drink grape soda all throughout the day.  She spoke with leading health experts and scientists to come up with a drink that satisfied this craving that she had but in a healthier way.  Rescue Me is an elixir that Kirstie came up with to help with many of the roadblocks that kept her from achieving long term weight loss success.Release MeThe next product that Kirstie shared on Dr. Oz was called Relieve Me.  This supplement is a mild colon cleanse.  Kirstie adds this herbal cleanse to one of her drinks and then freezes them as popsicles. Release Me was the other supplement that she shared on the show.  Release Me is an instant mineral beverage powder that helps Kirstie relax.  It contains a 2:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium.  Kirstie says that you add Release Me to teas or other beverages.  She said that you should take this supplement during the evening before you go to sleep because it will relax you and makes you a little drowsy.

Nightingale For Sleep

Kirstie Alley, like millions of others always had trouble falling to sleep at night.  She mentioned to Dr. Oz’s audience that when you don’t get enough quality sleep at your night your cortisol levels (stress hormone) raises.  Higher cortisol levels inhibits weight loss so getting a good nights sleep is important if you are wanting to lose weight.  Nightingale helps to promote restful sleep because it contains L-Tryptophan (increases serotonin in the brain).  Nightingale also contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, and folic acid.

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