Science Bob Diet Myths on Dr Oz, Skipping Breakfast, Thyroid Weight

Diet Myths Debunked on the Dr oz Show

It’s hard to know what to believe in the “diet world”. High carb, low carb, low fat, now fat, etc…. It’s hard to know what to believe.  Today (December 26, 2012) Dr Oz invited Science Bob on to the show to explain the science behind particular diet myths to help you understand (in an entertaining way) what is effective and what are diet myths. Science Bob performed on stage experiments with Dr. Oz to demonstrate 5 diet myths that just may surprise you.

Dr Oz: Diet Myths with Science Bob

Dr. Oz is ready to share some secrets about dieting that may surprise you. On his show today, Five Diet Myths Busted, he says he had to call in a Fire Marshall to prepare for the extreme experiments he is about to do on stage. Let’s face it, we have heard many ideas for dieting and losing weight, but what are we supposed to believe? Which ones will really guide us to success and which ones are just diet myths? Doctor Oz has the answers and he is ready to bust some diet myths and open your eyes to the reality of some of the biggest dieting myths out there.

Does Skipping Breakfast Help You Lose Weight Or Do You Eat More Calories?

Science Bob and Dr. Oz performed a demonstration using liquid nitrogen to help explain how skipping breakfast can actually make you eat more calories during the day, thus inhibiting weight loss.  When you skip breakfast your hunger will build and your hunger will build.  This will likely make you overeat and possibly binge.  Dr. Oz then talked about a recent study that shows that people often consume more calories when they skip breakfast.  Eating smart meals several times throughout the day is the best way to keep your calories down and to keep from overeating.
Do People Gain Weight Because Of Their Thyroid
Dr. Oz said that only about 5% of people gain weight because of their thyroid gland.  For these people a slow metabolism may indeed be connected to your thyroid gland.  For people with a thyroid proble

Dr Oz Diet Myths, Science Bob

Dr Oz and Science Bob Talk About Diet Myths

m the thyroid doesn’t secret the amount of hormones necessary to keep your organs working as efficiently as they should.  This slows down your metabolism as well as your organs.  Your intestines begin to slow down and this accumulates fat cells.  Dr. Oz said that this is a “myth” that is actually true, but fortunately only affects about 5% of people.  For the vast majority of people it isn’t their thyroid that is causing them to gain weight or preventing them from losing weight.

Do You Get Fat From Eating Fat?
To eat fat or to not eat fat, that is the question.  Many people believe that if you consume fat you will gain weight so they will resort to eating salads and low fat foods to lose weight.  Science Bob said that carbohydrates and protein can boost your energy and increase your fat burning potential.  Dr. Oz said that fat is an essential nutrient and eating “healthy fats” will not make you fatter. In fact, healthy fats can help give you a feeling of satiety (fullness) so you will eat less.