May 232013

Dr. Oz Talks About FDA Approved Pill Called “Pink Viagra” For Women (Osphena) – Is This Pill Right For You?

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Dr. Oz talks about Osphena (often called pink viagra) as a possible answer for women who experience pain or dryness during intercourse.

Dr. Oz talks about a women’s libido boosting pill called Osphena that has recently been approved by the FDA to help improve a woman’s sex drive.  This pill (often referred to as the “Pink Viagra”) is intended to treat women who are post menopausal.  Dr. Oz invited Dr. Laura Berman & Dr. Jennifer Ashton on to the show to talk about Osphena and which women this pill is especially helpful for.

Is “Pink Viagra” Right For You?

Dr. Laura Berman said that Osphena is especially helpful for women who are past menopause and experiencing pain and/or dryness during intercourse. Dr. Jennifer Ashton said that Osphena is a prescription medication that may improve women’s sex lives who suffer from these problems.

Will Taking Osphena Boost A Woman’s Libido

Dr. Laura Berman explained to Dr. Oz that Osphena may not be the magic remedy for all women.  She said that the most important organ for a woman when it comes to sex is the brain.  She said what is most important is how you feel about yourself and your partner.  Self confidence and being secure with your body plays a major role as well.  Dr. Berman did say that women who experience dryness or pain during intercourse may get a libido boost from Osphena because they will be more interested in lovemaking when discomfort isn’t part of the picture.

How Does Osphena Compare To Viagra?

Dr. Jennifer Ashton explained that Osphena and Viagra work very differently.  Viagra for men works by increasing blood flow to the man’s organ which in turn will boost his libido..  She said that Osphena for women works very differently.  Osphena works by strengthening vaginal tissue rather than increasing blood flow.  She also said that men take Viagra on an “as needed” basis.  Women should take Osphena every day and it will take some time before results can be seen (and felt for that matter).

Are There Any Side Effects For Osphena?

Dr. Jennifer Ashton said that 7 percent of women who take Osphena experience side effects.  She said that it’s imperative that all women discuss the pros and cons to taking any kind of medication with your doctor to see if it is right for you.  Here are the side effects that  7 percent of women who try Osphena may experience :

    • Hot flashes
    • Discharge
    • Increase in UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections)
    • Sweating
    • Increased clotting risk

Natural Remedies For Vaginal Dryness

If you feel that taking “Pink Viagra” isn’t a good option for you there are some natural alternatives that help to improve vaginal dryness.  Dr. Laura Berman & Dr. Jennifer Ashton shared these natural remedies to treat dryness for women :

Estrogen cream : This is a cream that requires a prescription but it can effectively treat vaginal dryness

Coconut oil : Dr. Berman said that coconut oil is natural lubricant that is effective and doesn’t cause any undesirable side effects.

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