Jul 302014

Dr. Oz Fat Burning Teas – Iced Mate, Matcha, Turmeric, White Tea

Summertime is in full swing and people are out enjoying the warm weather activities.  In the opening episode Dr. Oz shared summertime diet recipes that use healthy alternative ingredients in summertime classic foods…  During this segment Dr. Oz shared some iced teas that will boost your metabolism..  He explained how Iced mate, turmeric, white, and matcha teas can get your fat burning engines revved up to help you burn extra calories without any added effort than enjoying a delicious beverage.

Iced White Tea Helps Prevent Fat Cells From Forming

Do you like sweet teas?  If so, White Tea may be a good option for you.  Dr. Oz said that White Tea is rich in antioxidants that help the body to release fat rather than storing it in your body.  Dr. Oz also mentioned that it helps to prevent fat cells from being formed in the body.  He suggested adding some lemon slices for added flavor as well as the benefits of Vitamin C.

Iced Matcha Tea Recipe

matcha tea, metabolism boosting teas, turmeric tea

Iced Mate, Matcha, Turmeric and White Tea Recipes to boost metabolism.

Matcha Tea was the next beverage that Dr. Oz shared during this segment of the show.  Here is all you have to do to make matcha tea :

  • Add 2 tsps of Matcha Powder to a up a cup of water.. Mix it well to get out the lumps.
  • Add frozen kiwi cubes and enjoy.

Iced Mate Sun Tea

Mate Tea is widely consumed in South America.. It contains fat burning compounds in the tea to help boost your metabolism and your energy as well.  There is caffeine in Mate tea..  Here are the recipe directions :

  • Mix 1/2 cup of Mate Tea mix with one gallon of water..  Place the sun tea jar in the the sun an hour and then strain.
  • Adding mint to the tea will not only give it flavor, but it is also an appetite suppressant to help keep you from snacking in between meals.

Iced Turmeric Caffeine Free Option

Not wanting to consume any caffeine?  Iced Turmeric Tea may be a good option for you.  Turmeric helps to discourage fat cells from forming and it is also an excellent anti-inflammatory.

How to make turmeric tea :

  • Mix 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric with 1/4 teaspoon of ginger in a cup of boiling water.
  • Allow to steep and cool
  • Add lemon for flavor and vitamin c benefits.

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Apr 052013

Sanjay Gupta Talks About A Life Extending Tumeric Tea Recipe & Fat Blocking Soda

Dr. Oz, turmeric tea, almond milk

Turmeric Tea Recipe With Almond Milk on Dr. Oz

Today (April 5, 2013) Dr. Oz invited Sanjay Gupta on to the show to talk about Dr. Gupta’s live extending tips to not only help you live longer, but to keep your brain sharp all throughout your life’s journey.  During this segment on today’s show Dr. Gupta talks about the Tumeric Tea recipe that he drinks every day to help him live longer as well as a “Fat Blocking Soda” that is supplemented with fiber.

Exercise Your Brain By Tying Your Shoes With Your Eyes Closed

Dr. Sanjay Gupta says that there are simple exercises that you can do to keep your brain sharp.  One exercise that Dr. Gupta does every day is that he ties his shoes and puts on his tie with his eyes closes.  He said that this simple exercise works part of your brain that doesn’t get used as often so working this area of your brain helps to keep you sharp!

Stay Thin by Only Eating 70 Percent Of Your Meal

This easy to remember weight loss tip can save you up to 50 pounds a year! Even Dr. Oz was surprised at this statistic!  Dr. Gupta always pushes away his plate when he has 30 percent of the meal left.  This greatly reduces your calorie intake and will keep you looking thin and trim (or help you lose weight) for the long haul.

Improve Your Memory By Exercising

Dr. Sanjay Gupta told Dr. Oz that he stays active all throughout the day.  Even when he is talking on the phone Dr. Gupta keeps moving.  He says when he is talking business with his colleagues they often walk throughout the building.  People that have sedentary jobs like sitting at a desk or in front of the computer usually don’t get the proper amount of exercise that they need.  Try to squeeze in as much physical activity that you can throughout your day.

Sanjay Gupta’s Creamy turmeric Tea Recipe

Instead of drinking wine in the evening to wind down, Dr. Gupta drinks his own special “Creamy Turmeric Tea Recipe” to help him relax.  He told Dr. Oz that this easy to follow recipe can be made in 2 minutes so no matter how stressed out you are from a long day the Turmeric tea recipe is a perfect way to relax.  Turmeric is used all throughout Asia and many believe that turmeric is the reason that this area of the world has lower rates of dementia.

Turmeric Tea Ingredients :

    • 1 Cup of almond milk
    • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
    • 1 teaspoon Honey
    • 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
    • 1/4 teaspoon of ginger

Directions : to make the creamy turmeric tea you simply warm the almond milk and add the remaining ingredients that are listed above.  This tea will help you live longer while improving your memory at the same time!

Fat Blocking Soda

Dr. Oz & Dr. Gupta talked about a “Fat Blocking Soda” that says that it can help you lose weight.  The fat blocking soda has fiber in it which can block fat and sugar from being absorbed.  However, the debate is still out on the fat blocking soda because studies have only been done on animals.  The limited research on humans wasn’t quite as promising.  Dr. Gupta believes that people often overindulge in weight loss foods (and drinks) because they think they can consume more.  Are you a fan of Dr. Oz but unable to tune in to the show regularly?

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