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The Doctors – How Does Aisha Tyler Look So Young?

Today on The Doctors, talk show host Aisha Tyler joined them on stage to talked about her age defying and anti-aging secrets and tips.

People magazine was honored as being named one of seven stars that looked half of her age..  Aisha Tyler is 42 and yes I think that she looks MUCH younger than 42.. I would guess late 20’s but she looked fantastic.  Tyler gives much of the credit to her genes and she pointed out that her parents look younger than their age as well.

The Doctors : Can Sugar Make You Look Older?

aisha tyler, the doctors, anti aging shake

Aisha Tyler Shares Her Anti-Aging Shake on The Doctors

The Doctors asked Aisha what she does to look so young.. Aisha Tyler said that good genes, cutting out sugar, and moisturizing her skin were her top tips.

Aisha Tyler said that she used to be a big problem for her. It used to upset her when people would say that sugar was unhealthy.. She soon realized that she was consuming sugar as her “crutch”.. She ate sugar for energy, she ate it when she was feeling depressed, and she also celebrated her happiness with sugar as well.

Aisha has cut sugar out of her diet entirely.. So can sugar make you look older? According to Dr. Ordon it certainly can. Sugar can change your collagen bundles and it also affects the manner in which elastin is produced.

Aisha Tyler’s Anti Aging Shake

Here is the the antiaging recipe that Aisha shared on today’s The Doctors show :

Ingredients :

  • A low sugar chocolate protein powder
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Frozen cherries

The lovely actress Aisha said that this anti-aging drink recipe is loaded with protein (30 grams) and is rich in vitamin C..  Dr. Order chimed in that vitamin C helps your skin to build collagen and improves your elastin.

Moisturizing Skin Helps You To Look Younger

Dr. Lisa Masterson asked Aisha Tyer this question, and she said that she doesn’t do anything special other than keeping her skin clean and moisturizes her skin daily.