The Drs, Peanut Butter Brands Recall List, Salmonella Outbreak

The Drs: Peanut Butter Recall List – Salmonella Outbreak Cases On The Rise

Today’s The Doctors Tv show did an episode segment that all Americans should be concerned about.  Products containing a peanut buse from Sunland, Inc has caused a Salmonella outbreak in 35 people spread across 19 states.

The FDA has shut down Sunland, Inc during the investigative process.  Peanut butter jars are being recalled from stores like Target, Costco, and others.

Peanut Butter Recall List

peanut butter, sunland inc, recall list, salmonella outbreak

The Drs : Salmonella Outbreak and Recall List

Dr. Jim Sears said on today’s show that his office has been receiving phone calls about the salmonella outbreak and what brands you should be aware of.  Dr. Sears said that you should go to the official site to view all of the peanut butter brands are on the recall list.

Laura Gieraltowski (a Foodborne Disease Epidemiologist) called in to the show talk with The Drs about the Salmonella outbreak and the peanut butter recall list.  She said that the list of brands is on the rise.  The most recent addition to the recall list is raw and roasted peanuts.

Throw Out Any Foods On The Recall List

Dr. Gieraltowski told the Drs and the viewers that it’s just not peanut butter and peanuts that have made the recall list.  Crackers, ice cream, cookies, and candy are on the list as well. (So your not out of the woods if you don’t consume peanut butter).  By the time that the recall list is out, you may already have contaminated foods on your shelf. Doctor Gieraltowski also said that if you have already partially eaten one of the foods that are on the list but you haven’t gotten sick, you should still throw out the product anyway.

Share Your Opinions?

Stop by our “The Doctors Fan Forums” to talk about this latest Salmonella outbreak. What precautions have you taken? Have you thrown out all of your products from Sunland, Inc or only the product brands that that have made the list?