Watermelon Viral Video – Pour Fresh Juice Tip – Genius!

We are adding a section to tvshowupdate that highlights the latest trending health related videos that have gone viral!   We will be adding the freshest New health, inspirational, weight loss, and personal wellness videos that we hope will inspire and hopefully make you smile.  We originated as a “Fans of Dr. Oz” website that features episode summaries of the most recent Dr. Oz television shows.  Be sure to Like “Fans of Dr Oz” on Facebook to stay up to date on cutting edge health discoveries, weight loss tips, and health related topics discussed on his show.  Today’s video that’s gone viral is a genius way to pour yourself some fresh watermelon juice without the mess!  Quick, easy and oh so refreshing during the hot summer months.

Fresh Watermelon Juice Tip Gone Viral in 2016!

We “Try” to only add the freshest health related videos that have gone viral or are trending in that direction!  We try no to add videos that you have already seen countless times on Facebook.  We found this one that seems ingenious.. I can’t tell you how many times I have passed on watermelon at the store simply because I didn’t want to deal with the mess.  When you cut into it the juice goes everywhere.. On your hands and rolls up your arm on every bite.  Not to mention the flies that it attracts if you are serving watermelon outside.  This trick can be done quickly, easily and with little mess.

Have fresh juice straight from the fruit is so much better than any juice that you could buy from the store.  On a hot summer day this “how to pour watermelon juice” by only cutting a small opening, using a mixer to blend the watermelon and inserting a makeshift spout! 92% of a watermelon is water, so a simple blend of the watermelon without making a huge mess in the kitchen seems like a wonderful idea.  Do you think this health related video has a chance to go viral?  We do.

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