Wendy Williams Health Problems on Dr Oz, When To Dial 911

Wendy Williams has never held anything back or had a shortage of words during her marvelous career as an entertainer and talk show host.  On October 4, 2013 Wendy Williams will be appearing on Dr. Oz to talk openly about health problems she has dealt with in her life and how she has dealt with them.  Dr. Oz will also be talking about when you should call 911 and the first thing you should do in emergency situations.

Dr. Oz Interviews Wendy Williams

Dr. Oz will be sitting down for a candid discussion with Wendy Williams about her life and the health issues that she has faced.  Dr. Oz will also be talking to the audience and viewers at home about the three tests that every woman should take before you turn 50 years old. If you are nearing 50, surpassed 50 (or know someone who has) be sure to set your DVR’s because the Oct. 4, 2013 episode will be one that you surely will not want to miss.

Wendy Williams Health Issues

We all have experienced health problems in our lives and Wendy Williams is no different.  Wendy will be opening up about some health concerns that she has faced and the changes that she has made to her lifestyle.  Wendy Williams can be quite funny in front of the camera even when talking about serious matters.  Wendy has a way of confronting important issues in a delightful way.

When Should You Call 911 and What To Do In Emergencies

Have you ever contemplated dialing 911?  When is an emergency dire enough for you to make that call?  Dr. Oz will be talking about what situations warrant a 911 call and which ones should be handled differently.  If you have ever dealt with an emergency but was unsure if you should call 911, be sure to tune in to the October 3 2013 show to find out when you should make that call!  If you have a family, emergencies may inevitably come.  Be sure that you and your family is educated to make sure that the situation is handled in the best manner.

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