What Does Dr Oz’s Recurring Dream Mean? Falling & Water Dreams

What Does Dr. Oz’s Recurring Dream Mean & What About Falling and Dreams With Water?

Today Dr. Oz invited dream experts and sleep specialists on to the show to talk about how you can remember your dreams, how to rescript the ending to your dreams and how you can remember your dreams more vividly by taking a Vitamin B6 supplement.  During this segment on today’s show Dr. Oz revealed to the audience about a recurring dream that he has had for years and what it may mean.  The dream specialists also discuss falling and water dreams and what the meaning is behind them.

Dr. Oz invited several women from the audience to talk about dreams that they have had over the years that they could never quite understand.  Kelly Sullivan Walden (dream expert) then helped the women to decipher their dreams and explain what they likely mean.

Falling Dreams

Kelly Walden said that if you have dreams that are related to elevators or dreams where you are falling it means that you are wanting to be successful at something a little too quickly.  While it surely isn’t bad to have a desire to succeed at something, you should also remember the smaller tasks that lie in front of you before you are able to meet those loftier goals.

Water In Your Dreams

Dr. Oz asked another woman from the audience to explain to kelly what her recurring dream was about.  She said that she dreams about being on a beach and getting swept away by a huge wave from the ocean.  Kelly said that water dreams like this are generally related to an emotional issue.  This can be anything from hope to pain.  Water dreams is a way for your subconscious to remind you to take the time to feel these emotions that you are having.  Whatever the emotions may be.  Taking the time to cry or laugh more during your day.  She said if you take the time to allow yourself to feel your emotions this type of dream should stop.

Dr. Oz’s Recurring Dream

Dr. Oz has had the same recurring dream for many years.  In fact, he has had the same dream ever since he was a child.  He explained to Kelly and the viewers that he would be there with his dad walking to school.  He said that all the teachers at the school had long robes and hats like a wizard.  He explained it like he was cast in a Harry Potter movie..

So what does Dr. Oz recurring dream mean?  Kelly Walden explained that as we walk through life there is always something to be learned as if you were in school.  This type of dream tries to offer you a solution to a challenging problem that you are facing.
Kelly Sullivan Walden explained that the dreams that we all experience are based on what is positive about ourselves, rather than the negative.  She said that even scary nightmares are intended to enhance our lives by urging us to deal with the issues that are giving us fear in our daily lives.